September 2001

Our booth at the Mekka 2001

Gabi, my invaluable helper at many Mekkas and her better half, Volker, also invaluable for his good humour, his lending hand for building our booth and baby sitting....!

Gabi and Giorgio

Belinda - the organizer of a mega swap of Cherry Pie cards. You can see all 80+ returns on her website

Marina with Petra Schaefer and Peter Brandt, two fine German artists.

Marina's demo with watercolours

Half way through the demo

Diana (with the cute hat) and Wolfgang (her husband) - the organizers of this great show and owners of Heindesign.

Gabi and Petra Schaefer

Mary Kay of Stamp Camp from Texas

Stempelmine, a German company from Amberg.
The Stampminers are Renate and Joachim who wore these cheerful suits and sweated their shirts off all day!
(it gets pretty hot in the crowd)

Ainslie of Make your Mark from England

Rob of Judy Kins, CA

Volker Hilsbos

Stempelei, a German stamp company


My display boards with cards and other embellishments

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